Sezame provides you with a new way of secure logins to all your existing password protected accounts (as soon as trust is enabled) by leveraging your mobile phone for primary authentication where possible (lower security needs) and for secondary (two-factor) authentication where necessary (higher security needs).
Sezame requires virtually no end-user configuration and no hardware installation at the trust partners’ site: just a smartphone with the sezame app (available in your favorite app store as a free app) plus a little piece of software (provided to trusted partners via our powerful web APIs/web SDK). Easily unleash any biometric authentication capable smartphone (e.g. iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy) and free millions of users from the sheer endless maze of passwords they have to remember.
Sezame allows the end-user to easily enable login verification to his favorite password-secured websites, cloud-enabled storages or applications and thousands of other possible use cases via his smartphone fingerprint authentication or to allow added transaction verification (for example financial transactions on the Internet) to any of his trusted websites.

Our Team

MD and Chief Technology Officer
Florian Randa

Florian is a seasoned IT professional with close to 20 years of operational experience in the Cable/Telecom and IT industries. He has vast experience in the design, engineering and building of both cable and IP networks within Europe. Florian has previously held positions as VP for product development and senior director for network security.

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Chief Innovation Officer
Markus Gürtler

Markus previously held positions as IT infrastructure as well as cloud and virtualization computing director at Liberty Global International. Markus is also the founder & MD at Sealplace GmbH, a company specializing in online vault technology. Throughout his career, Markus has driven a multitude of integration and implementation processes and departments, always spreading his deep-rooted entrepreneurship and creative drive to everyone in his working environment.

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Head of Product Development
Christian Plamenig

Christian has a broad expertise and profound knowledge in web and mobile applications – executed in various projects ranging from e-commerce solutions to user centric content portals. Over the past 20 years he worked in leading positions for global Telecoms and media houses always eager in building products & services for customers – not for managers.

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Chief Commercial Officer
Arnout Klaassen

Arnout has a proven track record in balancing creative and analytical aspects with technical knowledge to get good commercial results quickly. The 15+ years of international experience in among others telecommunication consultancy roles but also as a CCO of an internet service provider gives him a unique skillset to deliver in different corporate cultures.

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Co-Founder and Senior Advisor
Alexander Koppel

Alexander has over 20 years’ experience in building brands and channels for FMCG, Mobile, Television, Digital Media and Print companies . He has held various senior positions in organizations including Red Bull Media House, Hutchison 3G, UPC Liberty Global and successfully built multi-brand businesses across the globe. He is now focusing on innovative technology helping brands evolving their consumer relationship.

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Business Development USA and Senior Advisor
Ian Aaron

Ian is a 20+ years digital media executive with a broad base of operational and strategic experience at the intersection of media, technology and distribution across the US, Europe and Asia. Ian previously served as CEO and President of public and private companies including President of Gemstar TV Guide , CEO of TVN Entertainment and President of SoftNet Systems and is currently the President of Frequency Networks, Inc.. Ian’s operating expertise includes major restructurings, turnarounds, startups and advising private equity and venture capital-backed firms in the areas of mobile, social media, digital mapping and large-scale video services.

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Business Development DACH region
Andreas Dörner

An executive director for more than 20 years, Andreas Dörner has employed and coached more than 200 SAP experts and remains a leader for system adaption within the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. At AUTOMATORS he fosters the capabilities of uniting proven business processes within the Devops IT landscape. Conquering the field of modern test management, and combining it with a vast amount of SAP experience, makes Andreas Dörner a unicorn in the field of information technology.

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Company Profile

FinPin Technologies GmbH was founded in 2014 and is a fully bootstrap financed GmbH under Austrian law. FinPin Technologies’ reseller and technology partners include MB IT solutions, LaMañana, Timewarp and several other global partners.